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Somatic therapy is a broad term used to describe any therapy

which links mind, body, and emotions.


The somatic therapy that I use is called SOMATIC EXPERIENCING (SE).

This approach is specifically designed to address stress and trauma, with a focus

on nervous system regulation.


The goal of using this method is to move us forward into full, free, conscious living.

Somatic sessions with me are a combination of talking, bodily awareness, and movement. These sessions can be held in person or online.

I also offer somatic touch sessions, either while seated or lying down. These kinds of sessions, in which consensual, safe touch is present, can be essential in healing wounds around attachment and other traumas in which our physical needs and boundaries were not considered.


Counseling is a type of talk therapy which sees each individual holistically.

This means looking at both internal and external experiences, in the present. Although past experiences can be important to explore, it is not essential for healing to happen.

I work with individuals in my practice or online around the topics of their choice.


Common themes include emotional regulation, relationships, and getting in touch with your wants, needs & preferences.

Somatic practices are usually a part of each session, and is adapted to each person.


Dance is where I feel safest and allow myself to be the most vulnerable.

I discovered conscious movement and ecstatic dance in 2019, and have been

practicing it ever since. Some dances methods I have explored include Kundalini dance, Lifedancing, 5 Rhythms, and others.

These dance methods are like meditations in movement and can be a wonderful support in addition to somatic therapy.

I find dance and other physical practices essential to full embodiment, allowing us to reconnect with our bodies in ways that feel both fun and safe.

I am currently offering dance practices both individually and in groups.

If you are interested, please reach out to me.

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