Adult Counseling

Adults I work with are often wanting:

  • Stress management techniques

  • Better partnerships and relationships

  • Help managing thoughts & emotions

  • Support during life transitions

  • An improved work life

  • Better self-esteem and self-confidence

  • A safe space to process trauma

  • Freedom from physical symptoms 
    with unknown origins

  • A place to explore and develop
    themselves more fully




Adolescents I work with are often looking for:

  • Stress or time management

  • Better friendships and relationships

  • A neutral space to explore thoughts & feelings

  • Support during life transitions

  • Managing international 

  • Improving school life
  • Better self esteem and/or body image


  • Questions around identity

(For adolescents 16 and older)

how does counseling work?

 I see the therapeutic relationship as a partnership.

The first session is for you to tell me about yourself, why you're seeking

counseling, what you're hoping to achieve, and is a chance to see if we're a good match.

This is very important, as the therapeutic relationship is the

most important predictor of therapy outcomes.

As time goes on, we will dive deeper into issues, patterns, and possible

solutions.Throughout therapy, we will check in on how you're progressing

with any goals you have while working towards them.

As I tailor each session to the client's needs, therapy may look a bit different for everyone.

Sometimes, I make suggestions for activities to do between sessions.

These are not mandatory, and alternative options will be presented.




 Somatic therapy is a broad term used to describe any therapy

which links mind, body, and emotions. These approaches often

use a combination of talk therapy along with increased bodily

awareness to manage stress, release tension, and process emotions stuck in the body from past negative experiences.


The somatic therapy that I use is called SOMATIC EXPERIENCING.

This approach is specifically designed to treat stress and trauma as it is understood physiologically and psychologically. Often, our body stays in the state (fight, flight,or freeze) in which we experienced a difficult situation. Somatic Experiencing allows our nervous systems to become unstuck and find a more balanced way of being.

The goal of these methods is to move us forward

into free, full, conscious living.



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