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  • What are the fees for counseling?
    The fee for the first session is 160chf for individuals, as well as for subsequent sessions in most cases. In the case that clients cannot afford the full fee, we will decide together during the first session what is appropriate. Please note that the sliding scale option is usually reserved only for those with financial difficulties, such as students, interns, or unemployed people. Using a sliding scale helps me provide services to a wide variety of people with varying incomes.
  • Is insurance reiumbursement possible?
    Yes. Health insurance reimbursement is a possibility, depending on your insurance company. For Swiss insurance companies, my membership in ASCA reimburses therapy for those with certain complementary insurance. Here is a list of insurance companys that normally reiumburse me. Please contact your insurance company directly and mention my ASCA number (N620262) before starting to work together, as this is subject to change. For international insurance companies, the procedure may be slightly different. In my experience, international insurance is more accepting of my services. Please check with your insurance company before we start working together.
  • How long does therapy take?
    Sessions last 60 minutes. The number of sessions depends on the progression of therapy as well as the preferences of each individual. Clients can choose the frequency and duration of their own therapy. I usually suggest once a week sessions, or once every 2 weeks at the beginning. But, this will depend on your availability, schedule, as well as financial means.
  • Are counseling sessions confidential?
    Yes. Confidentiality is an important part of therapy and I take it very seriously, as it is important to feel safe in therapy. Confidentiality can be broken if you harm yourself or others, or if someone is harming you. If confidentiality needs to be broken for these reasons, I will ideally discuss it with you before taking any further action, giving you as much control as possible.
  • I have a busy schedule. Do you have evening appointments?
    Yes! I have appointments throughout the day, including evenings. Check my online calendar for my availabilty.
  • Where is your office located and how do I get there?
    My office is located in the Plainpalais neighborhood of Geneva and is easily accessible by foot, public transport, car and bike. By public transport: Plainpalais stop - tram 12, 15, 17 & 18, bus 1 & 32 By foot: I am located on the east side of the Plaine de Plainpalais, near the Rond-Point. Our door is between the L’Epi Doré bakery and the Maki Poké sushi restaurant. By car: Parking in the Plainpalais car park. Street parking is also available around the neighborhood. By bike: Bike racks on and around the Rond-Point de Plainpalais Please note that my office is on the second floor of a building with no elevator.
  • Do you offer online sessions?
    Absolutely. I offer online sessions, usually via zoom, but we can use any platform that suits you. This is a great option for clients who live outside of the Geneva area, or just those with busy schedules.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    You can schedule an appointment online at your convenience.
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