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I'll be offering somatic touch sessions at the New Year's Retreat Festival in Zurich. These sessions offer a space for you to explore a deeper connection to yourself, along with a gentle way to reset your nervous system.


Join me!

Embark on a transformative journey this New Year as we invite you to our enchanting retreat festival in the heart of Zürich. Come spend 2 days at the 25hours hotel with your favorite community in a bubble of celebration, personal growth, joy and discovery.

Together, we'll create unforgettable moments and embrace the opportunities of the coming year while leaving behind what is no longer serving us.

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Sacred flow dance events are being prepared for 2024

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If you're interested in private dance sessions, either individually or in groups, please contact me directly.


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Past events

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As we journey deeper into autumn, we are invited to journey deeper into ourselves.

This sacred flow is a dance space where we are encouraged to move freely, authentically & flow as we are.

An opportunity to listen deeply, being more fully present in your body, surrendering into experience, asking ourselves how we want to move, right now.

Where we are free to explore movement, flow in connection with self and others, fully sensing, feeling fully alive, a spiritual movement practice.

Like most ecstatic dance practices, this dance is practiced during the day, with respect to self and others, sober, with minimal speaking and guidance, with no judgement and full respect and acceptance of ourselves and others.

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