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Life is certainly a journey, and mine has been no exception.

I have been walking the healing path for many years, finding the support I needed to grow with each step. Through this, I've discovered various types of therapy, yoga, meditation, dance, music, and more. My greatest support, however, was finding connections which provided a healthy container to heal.

The healing journey can be a lonely one. I certainly journeyed a long time before finding the right connections to support me. That is why I feel called and honored to often be the first support for people on their own healing journeys.

What I offer people is my presence. I’m very intuitive and work with emotional attunement, feeling and understanding how others are feeling both emotionally and somatically.

I can use these skills to help individuals reconnect with their feelings, in a safe way. Many people are disconnected from their bodies and emotions, so being able to feel these things in myself allows me to be able to help others in navigating them within themselves.

I especially like connecting people to their wild, sometimes scary, rejected or shadow parts. Things like anger, fear, and sadness can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if we have learned that these aspects are not safe to feel or express.


I personally know the courage it takes to investigate one's self and to make deep, lasting change. This gives me an incredible amount of respect, care, and patience for the people I work with.

Having a Bachelor's degree in Psychology as well as a Master's in Counseling provides a solid base for me to accompany others in a therapeutic setting, while additional training in Somatic Experiencing,  Attachment Theory, Self-Compassion, Mindfulness, and others have allowed me to deepen my work.

I am experienced in working with people of diverse cultures, sexual orientations, gender identities and life experiences. I am American and have been living abroad since 2011.


Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)

Swiss Association for Counseling (SGfB) Counsellor

Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine (ASCA) Member

Droit de pratique complémentaire, Canton of Geneva


2013 - Master of Counseling, Webster University Geneva

2009 - Bachelor of Psychology, University of Toledo


2014 - Present - Psychological Counselor, Wellness Counseling Geneva

2015 - Social Skills Group Facilitator, All Special Kids, Geneva

2013 - Counseling Intern, St Vincent’s Adolescent Hospital Fairview, Dublin

2012 - 2013 - Counseling Intern, Private Practice of David Schiesher, Geneva

2012 - 2013 - Counseling Intern, La Roseraie Migrant Centre, Geneva

2011 - 2013 - Counseling Intern, Webster University Geneva

2011 - 2012 - Counseling Intern, Aiglon College, Chesières

2011 - Graduate Assistant, Wellness Center, Eastern Michigan University



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2023 - Women's Temple Group Leadership Training Intro with Awakening Women (online)
2023 - Somatic Experiencing Queer Supervision Group with Elmo Painter-Edington & Meggie Twible (online)
2023 - The Energetics of Intimacy, Attachment and Sexuality with Ariel Giarretto, Polarity, Zurich
2022 - 2023 - Working with Non-Monogamous Clients Supervision Group with Yana Tallon-Hicks (online)
2022 - Touch and Somatic Listening Workshop with Pedro Prado, Somatic Experiencing Spain
2019 - 2022 - Somatic Experiencing Training with Pedro Prado, Somatic Experiencing Spain
2021 - Mindful, Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Medicine (online)
2021 - Gender Dysphoria and Supporting Young People with Transgender Identities, SDS Seminars UK (online)

2021 - Nightmares and Anxiety Dreams in Times of Crisis, Jung Platform (online)
2020 - Dealing with Times of Turbulence and Fear: Somatic Experiencing and COVID-19 with Peter Levine (online)
2019 - Mindful Self-Compassion Workshop with Kristen Neff, The Mindfulness Project, London
2019 - Mindfulness for Sleep Workshop with Dr. Katharina Lederle, The Mindfulness Project, London
2018 - Multicultural Counseling with Immigrant and Refugee Communities, American Counseling Association (online)

2018 - Levels of Insight with Marianne Bentzen, Polarity, Zurich
2018 - Somatic Experiencing Introduction with Dominique Dégranges, Polarity, Lausanne
2018 - Safe Space Program, Campus Pride (online)
2017 - Hakomi Method Workshop with Sophie Cattier, Geneva
2017 - Supporting Clients Dealing with Chronic Illness and Health Crisis, Workplace Options (online)
2016 - Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1 - The Gottman Institute (online)
2016 - Providing Psychological First Aid to Victims of Trauma, Workplace Options (online)

2016 - Helping Clients Deal with Anxiety, Stress, and Depression, Workplace Options (online)
2016 - Helping Clients with Workplace Stress and Bullying, Workplace Options (online)
2012 - Workshop on the Feminine from a Jungian Perspective, Webster University Geneva
2011 - Conference on Supporting Individuals & Families in Transition, Webster University Geneva
2011 - Depression on College Campuses Conference, University of Michigan


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