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The wild tiger

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

You may be wondering - "what's with the tiger in your logo?".

Well, the tiger can, of course, be symbolic of many things. Maybe the wild, animal nature in all of us. For some, it could represent anger. The way he's sitting in the tree could represent either strength or loneliness. Everyone may have a different interpretation, which is something I love about my new logo (created by local artist Natacha Veen).

However, the main reason I wanted the tiger represented in my logo is because it is the symbol for Somatic Experiencing, a therapeutic method which helps treat stress and trauma which I am currently training in. Peter Levine, the creator of the method, noticed when working with clients that the human body reacted just as other mammals do when storing unprocessed trauma - by shaking, sweating, constriction, shallow breathing, etc. - and that to move through trauma, we need to release this energy. Some of us do this naturally (as other mammals do), but others need more support - from a therapist, for example. In any case, we all have the capacity to heal trauma, by accessing the body's natural healing processes.

As my career path continues to grow and evolve, I am attracted to bringing somatic approaches into my client work, and Somatic Experiencing has been the right choice for me.

To learn more on Somatic Experiencing and why the tiger is the symbol, see here.

If you'd like to try out somatic therapy with me, go ahead and make and appointment.

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